Who We Are

We are a small European manufacturer of e-liquids. You'll find us in shops and online. We are just getting established, so you will see this section get longer as time passes.

Our Mission

In this crazy world that we live in, with sea levels rising, some of the first victims of climate change are all those people that live on islands. In fact, already in the past decade, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, and have had to leave their beautiful homes behind as they watch them sinking into the sea.

In part, big corporations have had a contributing role to play in this gradual decline of the natural balance of the planet. One industry that has adversely affected humanity in a very negative way is tobacco. Whilst the onus of climate change may not be attributed to them, millions upon millions of people have lost their lives, lost loved ones, and been financially scarred by Big Tobacco.

The idea behind the foundation of Island Juice is to create a company that will affect positive change in society. We aim to do this in 2 ways.

Firstly, selling products that are crafted responsibly, with people’s health in mind before profit, we want to help people quit smoking, and also for those who enjoy vaping as a hobby, to be guaranteed the very best ingredients are being used in our e-liquids with no short cuts taken. We fully comply to the TPD legislation, but more than that, we go a step further to omit certain ingredients in flavours that could be potentially hazardous to one’s health, but have not yet even been included in legislation.

The second way we want to affect change is to make contributions to the cause of climate change and rising sea levels, addressing through direct action the various impacts this is having on society. We are working hard to setup easy, convenient ways to make donations to charities that you will be able to choose from directly on our website and make secure payments straight to them. Initially these donations will be voluntary and you will be able to choose how much you want to give to whom, if at all. As we manage to grow and establish our brand, we will additionally setup the mechanisms by which we will be giving a percentage of all our profits to various charities around the world, which you will be able to choose from during the checkout process.

We will regularly publish on our website the amounts that have been donated to the various charities, and truly hope you will support us in this endeavour. We thank you for taking your time to read this and greatly appreciate your interest in Island Juice e-liquids.

Notable Charities

Here is the list of charities that we are considering working with.

Rain Drop

About Rain Drop

It’s in India that it all started…

Alexis Roman, then a student, left for an internship in India. From encounters to encounters, he found himself in the villages of Bargarh, in Uttar Pradesh. The inhabitants already suffering from poverty, were enduring a 7 year drought. Desperate, farmers expressed their need for water. In one of the villages, an elderly women told him : “help us, we’re dying !” It was a turning point.

Upon his return to France, in march 2010, he created Rain Drop and left for Bargarh 6 months later to implement the NGO’s first project !

The beginnings were not easy. Without funds, without a team and without speaking the language, he spent several months in Chetteni, a small village of 60 families which has no running water and electricity. He got acquainted with the local culture, the rhythm and the needs. He learnt hindi and took the time to understand the people with whom he was living. 

This first year, with the participation of the villagers of Chetteni, two water harvesting ponds were constructed and 250 trees were planted.

website: www.rain-drop.org 

(Donations can be made directly on their website)